Side Projects: Podcasting Startup

Have you ever heard a podcast and thought, I could do that? Do you have an opinion and need to share it with your two subscribers? Today I will go over a quick podcast startup guide to get you creating your own substandard audio adventure.

Here are the requirements:

  1. Computer
  2. Microphone (preferably with headphones and a pop filter) = ~$129
  3. Audacity
  4. Soundcloud
  5. iTunes and Google Play account

Hopeful you possess this already. You can record podcast with a smart phone, but I will let you to find a guide on that yourself.

Here is the only cost of a producing a podcast, the microphone. I am going to suggest what I see as the minimal starting microphone for podcasting, the Blue Yeti. You can definitely record with anything, but to capture quality podcasting goodness I recommend starting with a Blue Yeti.

In addition to a microphone, I recommend getting quality studio headphones and a pop filter. Headphones plug directly into the Blue Yeti and give you instant feedback to the audio quality. This is good for telling if tapping your foot is being picked up on the mic or not. The pop filter is to stop wind, from you speaking, from popping the sound in the microphone.

Blue Yeti’s retail at $120 to $130. However, the savvy shopper can find a studio bundle, that includes headphones and a pop filter, for that range depending on the Blue Yeti color.

Blue Yeti Website

In same the vein as Gimp is to Photoshop but free, Audacity is to *insert expensive audio editor* but free. Audacity is what you will use to record and edit your audio. It is cross-platform and free.

Audacity Website

Soundcloud is another free resource where you will publish your recorded podcast. Creating an account there is free and I believe you can upload 180 minutes a month for free. Soundcloud will create an RSS feed for your podcast, which you will need for publishing, as well as create embedded links with audio players built in. Remember to fill out your podcast’s profile and picture as these are needed for our next step.

Soundcloud Website

iTunes and Google Play
Finally, to get that sweet podcasting street cred, you need to publisher your podcast to Apple and Google’s streaming services. There are step by step guides by both these companies on how to do this. This is where the RSS feed generated by Soundcloud comes into play.

iTunes Guide
Google Play Guide

There you have it, a simple startup guide for creating your very own mediocre podcast. Remember, with great power comes bragging about it on a podcast.

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